Friday, October 6, 2017

An Assault on Common Sense

There was a nasty incident down on the waterfront between the mayor and Bill Flower.  Today's Chronicle Herald reports on the mayor's charge of assault and Bill's response.

Most Lunenburg residents have heard some version of the events, but really they can be summed up as follows:  The mayor lost her shit on Bill Flower and Bill Flower lost his shit back on the mayor and nobody was physically hurt.  End of story. (sort of)

Around two years ago the mayor lost her shit on me.  That's all you need to know.  I was not physically hurt. Apparently the legal system defines assault as any unwanted physical contact.  Fine.  Lawyers love to make money. I knew, in my mind, that regardless of what the legal system called it, what happened that day was not assault.  What happened that day was the mayor lost her shit on me. She apologized. (sort of)

I knew that to go down that ridiculous road of calling losing one's shit as assault would take away from the issue I wanted to solve.  Instead of fixing a problem I would wreck my life, the mayor's life, all my energy would be drained and nothing good could  come of such an action.

But there is a real problem here and one that does need to be addressed.  The mayor often loses her shit.  She lost her shit on me because she wanted to control the conversation and she could not.  She lost her shit on Farley Blackman because she wanted to control the conversation and could not.  She lost her shit on Bill Flower because she wanted to control the conversation and could not.  Controlling the conversation is undemocratic and only leads to escalation.  I'm hoping the Town of Lunenburg will one day learn this lesson.

I, more that anybody, can not tell the Mayor what to do, but I'm hoping that someone who is close to her can.  I'm hoping that someone will ask her to please drop the assault charges.  Nobody wins in a court battle except the lawyers.  I know the mayor loves Lunenburg as does Bill Flower, as do I.  A court battle will only drag Lunenburg further into the mud.

If, as a community, we want to grow and solve problems then we need to learn to let the conversation happen.  Instead of attacking those who are speaking up, try getting them on board.  People who will not stay quiet are not the enemy, they are your strongest assets.

I wish for nothing but peace for this beautiful little town that has so much to offer.  Happy Thanksgiving and may that legalization of marijuana come sooner rather than later.

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