Friday, May 5, 2017

A Rant From a Former NDP MLA

I hear a lot about how the NDP accomplished nothing when they were in government. Government is about changing one tiny rule at a time. Most of what happens never hits the press, particularly the good news. I really enjoyed this rant from Lunenburg's former NDP MLA, Pam Birdsall.

"The NDP formed government in 2009, one year after a world economic crash. The pulp and paper companies were failing and the province was not doing well. Expectations of our government were very high and as you said, bureaucracy is intrenched and does take time to change. That being said we accomplished many things in four years.
We created seven Collaborative Emergency Centre's to provide same day or next day appointments across the province lowering ER closures for four years in a row.
We increased minimum wage four years in a row, and reduced small business tax rate by 40%, the first time it had been reduced in almost 20 years.
I chaired the committee that created the terms and references for creating Arts Nova Scotia and improved the Film Tax Credit to help support the creative economy. This was important to me as I have been part of that economy for 40 years in my business.
We established the Five Year Paving Plan, taking the patronage out of building roads!
Through our 10 year plan for agriculture, Homegrown Success, we made strategic investments to increase competitiveness our companies to help the agriculture.
We created 250 new community college seats, opened nearly one thousand long-term care beds, expanded the Care Benefit for seniors from$200 to a maximum of $800, invested $500,000 in Transition Houses and Women's Centre's, took provincial tax off power bills and home heating, increased the Nova Scotia Child Benefit by40%, took HST off more family essentials including footwear, children's clothing and diapers.
We increased income assistance and were the first government in more than 20 years that did not pass legislation to over-ride collective agreements, using free collective bargaining through a fair and respectful approach!!!!!!
Did anyone know that we put hard caps on green house emissions for electricity resulting in becoming one of the top five best moves on climate change in Canada being recognized by The David Suzuki Foundation.
Our government did a lot for Nova Scotians and the sad thing is that they didn't know, or simply forgot.
That is my rant as a former NDP MLA."

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