Monday, February 27, 2017

Silencing Communication Never Works

After questioning the transparency of the town,  Lunenburg Town Council has voted to remove Councillor Brian Davis from all committees of council.   The majority of council wants Brian to resign, but since they have no legal right to demand his resignation they have voted to silence his voice using any means available to them.

Silencing communication is never the way forward.  Two way communication is the only way to resolve conflict.  Silencing a voice that wants to be heard will always backfire.  It creates animosity, anger, frustration and division. Ultimately, when one wants to be heard they will find a way.

We recently saw this phenomena with U.S senator, Elizabeth Warren when she was prohibited from reading a letter from Coretta Scott King .  The senate found her voice threatening, so they pulled up an old law and used it to prohibit her from addressing the senate. What did Elizabeth Warren do?  She went out in the hall and posted a video of herself reading the letter.  It went viral.  The senate took away her microphone and handed her a megaphone.

When the Town of Lunenburg excluded me from the committee that had been established to discuss the very issue that I brought forward, they chose silencing over communication. They took away my microphone and handed me a megaphone.

Brian Davis is asking many questions regarding council procedures.  All effort is now going into silencing Brian Davis' voice.   They are taking away his microphone and inevitably handing him a megaphone. 
When will they ever learn? 

The next council meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday February 28th at 5:15.  Please come and support Brian.  Taking a stand takes great courage.  Taking a stand is a very lonely experience.  He needs the presence of his supporters.  See you there.

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