Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lunenburg Council Meeting - A few items on tonight's agenda

Just browsed through tonight's council agenda and I noticed a few things that might be of interest to the residents of Lunenburg. 

1-  Council is being asked to approve the contribution of up to $620,152 for exterior work to the Lunenburg Academy.  As a resident I would like to understand this expenditure.  It is a large sum of money.  Will this affect our tax rate?  If we are spending this much money is there still money in the budget to install the bio filter (odour control mechanism)  in the Waste Water Treatment Plant? This money is for the exterior of the Academy. What happens when the paint chips off again?  Is this an ongoing expense?

There may be a perfectly sound plan, but as a resident I would like to hear the details.

Our existing bylaw that states that council times are at 7:00 on Thursdays is being repealed.  This is the policy that will replace it.  This is the very first item on the agenda.  There is a public hearing at the beginning of the meeting, so if anyone has an issue with council meetings taking place when most residents cannot attend please show up and have your say.  If you cannot show up because of the time then feel free to email me a letter and I will submit it to council on your behalf.

I have two concerns with a 5:15 meeting time.  Firstly, it is a difficult time for residents with jobs and parents of school age children.  As such, it limits civic engagement.  

My other concern is that this council time prohibits the vast majority of residents from running for council. We should be striving for a diversity of ages, gender and perspectives on council.  We cannot achieve this goal if we exclude people with jobs. 

This is from the minutes of the last council meeting.  It describes the motion to remove councillor Davis from all committees.  A few things concern me.  It confirms that councillor conduct was discussed in camera.  Can councillor conduct be discussed in camera?  I don't recall that being one of the permitted items listed in the Municipal Government Act.  I am also concerned that there is such an issue being made regarding Councillor Davis' offer to resign.  This offer was made in the heat of the moment, in a private conversation with the mayor. Is it right for the mayor to disclose the contents of a private conversation to the press and the rest of council?  If disclosing the contents of private conversations with the mayor is in fact the right thing to do I'd really like to know that.  Asking for a friend.

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