Saturday, January 14, 2017

An In Camera Spanking

This Public council meeting, scheduled for Monday, January 16th  at 4:00 p.m is not an in camera meeting.  This is a public meeting where the second item on the agenda is to not hold the meeting in public. (You can't make this stuff up.)

4:00 is a difficult time to attend.  I wonder why our CAO chose that time?  Well, hard to say, but this is still a public meeting.

Now, I grant you, this meeting will probably be a bit like staring at a blank movie screen, but it's still important that as many people as possible attend.  Here's why:  Brian Davis stirred the pot last Tuesday evening by daring to question the legality of what had previously been discussed in camera.  This action has stirred up quite a lot of discussion as to what should or should not be discussed behind closed doors.    

Perhaps the mayor is planning  to thank Mr. Davis for his efforts to create a culture of transparency in the Town of Lunenburg.  Or.... it is also possible that there will be some effort made to ensure that Councillor Davis never steps out of line again.

The words, "potential litigation" do not conjure up images of roses in the spring time.   I could be mistaken.  Maybe the town has a hankering for suing someone else, but if there is any effort made to silence the one person who is daring to ask tough questions then I think the citizens of Lunenburg need to be there to support him when the recommendations are made at the end of the meeting.

So, bring your knitting, bring a book, but most importantly bring yourselves.  We elected Brian Davis to work on our behalf and he is going above and beyond.  Please come and support him.

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