Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hey, Lunenburg, Here's a Mayor that never served on council.

The talk around town seems to be, if you want to serve as mayor then you first need to serve on council.  Do you recognize the man in this photo?  His name is Naheed Nenshi and he is the beloved, progressive mayor of Calgary, Alberta.  The man has a degree from Harvard University in Public policy.

Politics are politics and it wouldn't surprise me at all if there were people that tried to  discredit a very credible man by saying that you first need to sit on council before being qualified to serve as Mayor.  Fortunately, the citizens of Calgary put on their critical thinking caps and came to the conclusion that experience is experience and when you enter politics you bring your life experience with you to the table.

Municipal politics is not rocket science.  There is a process that needs to be learned and it does not take 4 years to learn it.  If it does take four years then that is cause for concern.

David Penney has spent 20 years working in mediation.  He has worked to solve conflicts in municipal governments and large organizations throughout Atlantic Canada.  He has worked as an RCMP officer.  He has served as chair of many committees.  He brings much needed new perspective to the table.   This is a very qualified man and it will take him a few weeks to learn the ropes of Lunenburg council.

So, if you want to say that you need to serve on council before serving as mayor because "that is how we do things around here", then by all means, say it.  But if you want to say, that you are any less qualified to serve as mayor because you did not serve on council first then I'd say, please, look at history and don't believe everything you hear.  Who is saying it and why is it being said?   Put the resumes of both candidates on the table.  Weigh their experience and make an unbiased judgement.

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