Sunday, August 28, 2016

Max The Cat Unhappy With Lunenburg Changes

While locals and tourists alike sip their lattes, savour their pastries and enjoy the serenity of the garden at the new No. 9 Coffee Bar on Montague st. in Lunenburg, one former resident is less than pleased.

Max the cat was the proprietor of Out of Hand, the gift shop that was previously located at the same loCATion.  His human and business partner, Marja, had purchased the building for him, many years back. Last year, Marja decided to retire and sell the building and did not consult Max on her decision.  She bought a new home 2 kms. away in Garden Lots, put him in her car and uprooted Max from his home and livelihood.

Marja may have been ready to retire, but Max was not.  Taking matters into his own hands, Max escaped Garden Lots and headed down the road, back to Lunenburg.  It took him one week to find his way to the shop.  He arrived in the garden on a Friday afternoon and was nothing less than outraged at the state of his establishment. "This place has gone to the dogs!", said Max "Literally.  There were dogs seated next to their owners at many of the outdoor tables. I mean, it was bad enough that I had to tolerate, Oreo (Marja's dog) and her stupid ball,  but this is truly outrageous. Why do humans behave this way?  Lunenburg used to be such a nice place." Max briefly inspected the indoor area before being rudely manhandled and placed outdoors again. "They moved my favourite chair!", exclaimed the disillusioned feline.

Max had just resigned himself to accepting some of these poorly thought out changes when he was spotted by Annie May, the 92 year old neighbour who happened to be hanging her bloomers on the laundry line above the garden.  She quickly called Inge, another neighbour, who grabbed Max, stuffed him in her car and drove him back to Garden Lots.

Righteously humiliated, Max is currently planning his next escape. He is hoping to find his way to Lunenburg Town Hall so that he can express his displeasure to Lunenburg Council.  "Apparently there had been some sort of consultation process and these changes had been approved by council, but nobody ever consulted me.  What a farce!," said Max. 
"I just don't understand what's happened to this town. Why is it O.K. for someone to just waltz in here from away and move my chair?"

The No. 9 coffee Bar is located on Montague st. between King and Prince. They sell rather incredible fresh baked bread on Tuesdays and make seriously good coffee.  You can see their Facebook page by clicking HERE.

If you spot Max wandering the streets of Lunenburg please drop him off at Town Hall.

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