Sunday, July 10, 2016

I interrupt My Regularly Scheduled Gripe to Say, Thank You Lunenburg.

About once a week I try to check in to The Town of Lunenburg Web Site and go through the council agendas and minutes. I do this because I think it's very important to understand what decisions are being made on our behalf.  Today I checked in and this is what I saw:

Well, I really couldn't feel prouder. The world is a crazy mixed up place and between the main stream and social media it's really hard to get away from the sadness.  We will never be able to stop people from being hateful, but what we can do is fill up the space with love and messages of inclusion.   It might seem like a little thing, but it's huge. So, if you are in town on Thursday July 14th at 12:00, please head to town hall and show your support.  Unfortunately, I'll be packing up the hats at The Lunenburg Farmers' Market, but I'll be there in spirit.  Thank you, Mayor Bailey.  That is a beautiful and inclusive gesture.

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