Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hey, Lunenburg County, Bring those kids to Council on Tuesday

This Tuesday, June 14th, at 9:00 a.m.  I will be bringing my son to The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg  (MODL) Council meeting and I'm hoping other parents might do the same. Council will be voting on  a very important decision that affects our children's future and I think it would be a good idea for them to see some young faces in the room.

Twelve Year Old Stella Bowles learned that her beautiful Lahave River is terribly contaminated with poop.   A report written in 1993, estimates that 600 homes along the Lahave river are flushing their toilets directly into the river by way of straight pipes.  The river is so contaminated that you should not even touch the water.   Although other advocacy groups like The Bluenose Coastal Action Foudation have been working for years to bring awareness to this issue, it took a child to finally bring this problem out into the open.

 Council will be voting on whether to apply for The Build Canada Fund.  If the grant is approved (and with the international attention that Stella has brought to this issue, I imagine it would be) one third of funding would be secured provincially, one third of funding federally and one third municipally to cover the costs of installing septic systems where there are now straight pipes.  Home owners would only need to pay for the municipal portion of the costs.  MODL staff wrote a very comprehensive and informative staff report that really explains this issue perfectly.  You can read it by clicking HERE. You can also learn more by watching Stella on CTV.  Click HERE

Stella was Dustin's classmate, so I have had the honour of knowing her since she was four years old.  She is that rare child that looks for the kid on the playground who isn't having fun and sits down next to them to see if she can help.  Clearly, it is this gift of compassion that has fueled her tireless advocacy over the last year. Another kid like Stella won't come around again soon.  She has created the momentum to take that first important step to fix a huge problem.  If council votes not to apply for this funding, then we may be ignoring this issue for decades.  But, hopefully, council will understand that they have been given the opportunity to effect meaningful change.  Let's remind MODL council who will be affected by the outcome of their vote.  Bring those kids to council, this Tuesday, 9:00 am. 210 Aberdeen Rd. in Bridgewater. 

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