Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Thank You Card For Minister Furey and Minister Churchill

Dear Minister Furey and Minister Churchill,
I imagine that in the life of a politician you don’t get to hear the words, “Thank you” too often.  I do believe that it is the job of citizens to bring forward problems that need to be solved and it is the job of government to try to address them, but it would be unfair to go onto the next hurdle without taking a moment to acknowledge that one large obstacle was just removed.
The problems you addressed through this upcoming building code amendment have been facing Nova Scotians for many years and I hope that you realize how truly amazing it is that in your time in government you helped to find a solution. 
In this past week, I have heard from people in Wolfville, Hants County, Lunenburg County, The Town of Lunenburg , Annapolis Royal and more, all thanking me for helping to find a solution for a problem that was affecting them as well.  I have also heard from people that are just starting home based businesses and are thrilled to know it will be possible to proceed.  Yes, I do feel proud, but I know I don’t deserve sole ownership of this feeling.  It was a group effort.   So, I hope that in the midst of an endless sea of criticism, you can take a moment to contemplate the fact that you accomplished something that will positively affect the lives of so many people. I have been critical and will continue to criticize when I feel it’s important, but it’s also important to acknowledge positive actions.
I have heard over and over again how wonderful it is to witness a happy ending, but in reality, this is a happy beginning.
Many Thanks,

Anna Shoub,
Then Hat Junkie

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