Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Child's Guide To Home Based Business

This is a house.  People live in houses.  Sometimes grownups do their work in houses.
 This is a Building Code.  It tells people the right way to build a house, so that the people in it stay safe. Building Codes think of how many people might live in or visit a house.  Sometimes ten friends might come over for a birthday party and the building code has to make sure all the children in the house stay safe.  Sometimes two people might come visit a mom to buy quilts and the building code has to  make sure those grown ups stay safe.  The people that write building codes are very smart. They understand that houses have visitors.
 This is a Land Use Bylaw.  It says what kinds of work people can do from home.  It only lets people do the kinds of work that are safe to do in houses and it makes sure that you can't have more visitors than you might invite to your birthday party. The land use bylaw and the building code work together like a team to keep people that are working in their houses safe. The land use bylaw tries to make sure that the neighbours also stay happy.  Some neighbours are never happy and the land use bylaw cannot help them.
 A land use bylaw does not make a house into something that is not a house and it also does not change the building code.  The building code for houses is very good and keeps everyone safe.
 This is a small town.  They have a land use bylaw.  The people that run the small town do not understand that a land use bylaw teams up with the Building Code to keep people safe.   They say that the part of a house that a  mom or dad uses for work, isn't a house anymore. This is very sad. It makes it hard for grown ups to make money to buy food and toys for their children.
This is a big city. They have 23 land use bylaws.  They understand that the chapter of the building code for houses is the right chapter to read when people work from home, as long as there is also a land use bylaw. The land use bylaw makes sure that the work the grown ups are doing is safe to do in their houses. If the work is not safe or if it's too noisy, or takes up too much space in a house then it's against the rules and you might get a time out and have to work somewhere else.
 This is a province.  Both the city and the town are part of the province.  The province has a very big problem.  There are many grandmas and grandpas that live here, but not enough moms, dads and children.  Everyone loves grandmas and grandpas, but the province needs more moms and dads to work and pay taxes.  (ask your mom or dad to explain what taxes are) The province understands that many moms and dads need to work in houses, so they are trying to make it easier for this to happen. They are fixing the Building Code.  The Building Code is not broken, but the people whose job it is to use the building code sometimes make mistakes and it will be good to make the building code easier to understand.

This is a hat maker.  She makes hats in her house and is also a mom. She wants the province to understand that the chapter of the building code for houses works well with land use bylaws to keep people safe when they work from home.  She is not sure if the province understands this.   She is very happy that the province will be fixing the building code that is not broken.  But fixing a not broken building code takes a long time.   She wants the province to learn from the city. This would fix the problem quickly.  They can help.   We all need help sometimes. It is good to get help.  The city is very smart.  They understand that the building code is not broken and they understand that land use bylaws are also not broken.  They understand that houses are just houses.  The province does not want the city to help them.  This makes the hat maker very sad.  She does not want to see more people move away. When the hat maker feels this way, she sometimes drinks a special drink only for grown ups and then she feels better.  She also feels better when she makes hats.  Everyone is nicer when they wear hats.  Maybe the province needs a new hat. 

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