Saturday, January 9, 2016

Why Come to Council Meetings?

I have been walking around for two days now, trying to understand why I feel so passionately that the people of Lunenburg need to show up at council meeting tomorrow evening at 5:15.   The meeting is not about home based business.  There is nothing on the agenda that has to do with my particular challenge.  But still, I know in my heart that we all need to try to get to our council meetings.

I think I have it figured it out.  The reason is Dustin.  That's my beautiful boy in the photo.  Handsome bugger isn't he?  It's about Dustin, it's about his friends and classmates and all the children in Nova Scotia.  They are why we need to become engaged in the politics and the future of Nova Scotia.

You see, right now Nova Scotia is at a cross roads.  Lunenburg is also at a cross roads because it is part of Nova Scotia and can not exist as an island.  In case you haven't heard the news, the projections for the future of Nova Scotia are not good.  I have read that by 2030, 15 years from now, when my son will be 26, only 10% of Nova Scotia's population will be of working age.  The other 90% will either be minors or elderly.  That means 10% of the population supporting 90% of the population.  So, as things stand today, there is no future for our children in Lunenburg or in the rest of Nova Scotia.  Unless we do the very difficult work that is in front of us. 

So, what does this have to do with council meeting tomorrow?  If Nova Scotia is to find a way out of our current economic reality, we need the brain power of everyone here.  Everyone needs to become engaged.  It is unfair to think that in the town of Lunenburg six councilors and a mayor should be responsible for the future of all our children.  They need our help.  Nova Scotia needs the help of Nova Scotians. 

Many people in Lunenburg have come to council meetings in support of home based business and in support of me.  The feedback I hear most often is, 'that was painfully boring.'  I could not agree more.  It has been difficult to hear, difficult to read the projector and  there has been no effort to include the people in the gallery.   Our current system is not set up to engage the people, but it does not need to stay that way.  It can not stay that way. By coming to council meetings we will help our councilors understand that we care deeply about our future and we want to be included.

Look around at the people in Lunenburg.  The town is overflowing with ideas and intelligence.  If we can harness this we will create a bright future for our children.  It's time for our councils to find ways to include the citizens in finding the solutions.  It's the right thing to do.

Lunenburg council meeting is Tuesday October 13th at 5:15.  You can come late.  You can leave early.  If you don't live in Lunenburg you can still come or find out when your council holds their meetings and take a seat.

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