Saturday, January 9, 2016

Where Are You From?

I get a kick out of watching facebook trying to figure out where I am from.  Not sure what they want to do with that information, but I'm not telling.  I watch that algorithm short circuiting because I have collected friends from so many places.

I know in this day and age I'm not the only one that stutters when asked, Where are you from.  Many of us have lived many places.  I honestly don't know how to answer that question.  I suppose if my family had not decided to move from Montreal to Toronto when I was nine, I would have answered Montreal.  I suppose if at twenty I had not decided that Toronto was just  too provincial and cashed in my $500 Canada Savings bond and high tailed it to New York City, I would have said Toronto.  I suppose if I had not fallen in love and moved to Boston I would have said New York City.  I suppose if I had not become so sick of big cities, hopped on Mass Transit, gotten off in Marblehead and decided that I really needed to live in that story book, I would have said Boston.  I suppose if I had not fallen in love again and wanted to buy a house that cost less that $700,000 and moved to the Hudson Valley, NY,  I would have said Marblehead.  I suppose if I had been able to afford Health Insurance, not been frightened by an Idiot like George Bush, really missed the ocean and wanted my child to live in a place with sidewalks and a street to play on like I had as a girl in Montreal  I would have said The Hudson Valley.

I guess I am from all of these places.  The one thing they all have in common is that they are never perfect.  Feeling at home has always been about the few people in my life that I call true friends, kind neighbours, and whatever I really need in my life at any given time.  Right now I live in  Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.  It has everything I need - great neighbours, peace and quiet, incredible beauty, an awesome house to live in,  a handful of really good friends and a whole lot of people that I like. I can walk everywhere or ride my bike.  There are great little shops and businesses and the best Farmers' Market I have every seen.

 Yup, there are problems, but tell me of a place that doesn't have them.  We take our happiness or our sadness wherever we go.  I'm pretty damn happy here.  It's absolutely grand... and we can do better.

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