Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Ministry of Prevention Strikes Again

Two day ago I took an oath of positivity.  I vowed to only put up posts that work towards solutions.  That lasted about two days and then this happened.
On this glorious, busy weekend in Lunenburg when The Folk Harbout Festival graces our town and the streets are filled with music and tourists, The town of Lunenburg decides to shut down this venue.

For the past month or so, residents and tourists alike have been delighted with the incredible music wafting out from the back of Dis.Cord Gallery on Blue Nose Drive.  Music that is free to the public and payed for by Farley Blackman who owns this building among many others in town.  This music has been a gift to the people of Lunenburg and has given several local bands a regular, well paying gig.  As any artist knows, the loss of any regular income hurts deeply.  The sound man, who just had a new baby, has now also lost a regular paying job.

The town's reason for shutting down this venue?  The gallery was told by our building inspector that they needed to have a handicapped accesible washroom.

Here's a closer look, so you can get a better perspective of the insanity behind this request.  This is a garage, with garage doors.  People walk by on the street and can choose to stop in for a moment to sit and hear some local music for FREE.  And then they move on.  It is actually one of the few venues in town that would be easily accessed to someone in a wheel chair.  Who wins from this sort of thinking?

 Farley Blackman is a man of considerable means and we in Lunenburg should thank our lucky stars that he has chosen to invest in Lunenburg.  He has purchased so many dilapidated building that would eventually fall into disrepair and he has impeccably restored them.    This is The Lunenburg Opera House.  It didn't look quite so lovely when we first moved here seven years ago. Council has not rolled out the red carpet for Mr. Blackman even though his tax bill keeps this town running.  Instead, they have rolled out the red tape.

Really, I'm sorry to bring this to you on this beautiful day, but let this be a call to action.  Get thee to our council meeting on August 11th and to as many as you can possibly stand after that.  There is a price for living in paradise and that is civic engagement.  Time to pay up.  See you on Tuesday at 5:15.

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