Saturday, January 9, 2016

Support Your Local News - Take Two

This is a Hat Junkie first for me.  A little over a week ago, I wrote a version of this article, but without getting into specifics,  I decided that the message I was trying to communicate was not the worth the backlash and the grief.  So after several editing attempts, I just took it down.

But today, the news came out that reporters at The Chronicle Herald are looking at a lockout as a Christmas bonus.  You can read about it in the Halifax Examiner, here.  There really isn't much sense of me going on about it too much as Graham Steele pretty much summed up my feelings here.    People's jobs and pensions are being threatened and our ability to know what is happening in this province is at stake.  So, in light of this news and my unwavering view that if we value real news we have to be willing to support it,  I decided to write a, hopefully, less contentious version of my previous blog post, in support of our local paper, Lighthouse Now.

Lighthouse Now is the only publication on the South Shore that covers council meetings and that will report on serious issues facing our community. Real journalism means balanced and accurate reporting.  In the interest of not offending, I will clarify that I am  talking about the policy of the paper, not the individuals writing the articles.   If a paper is being controlled by their advertisers or by influential powers within a community, then much of what is actually happening in that community will not be discussed.

In my seven years here, I have seen many individuals' difficult experiences, in our region, get swept under the carpet.  The fact that Lighthouse Now is reporting not only on the happy, positive stories in our community, but also discussing conflict and challenges facing ordinary people trying to make a living in Nova Scotia, makes them a paper worth supporting. 

Not everyone feels gleeful that Lighthouse Now is discussing difficult issues and there have been several attempts to silence them.  The pressure is real.

The question we need to ask ourselves is- do we care?  It's certainly easier not to know about conflict.  One can lead a pretty nice life here if they only see what they wish to see.  Yes, we can and should grow our community by promoting the many wonderful businesses and  individuals that call this place home, but that philosophy only goes so far.  Our community also faces serious challenges, serious inequities, a need to discuss our future, and many unresolved frustrations.  The paper is not causing conflict, they are just choosing to air it.  I think this is the way forward. 

The South Shore needs Lighthouse Now.  Please support them and the important work they are doing.  Contact them here for a subscription or to advertise. As for The Chronicle Herald, support the journalists.  We really need them, too. You can read the message from their union here.
Voice your concern by contacting The Chronicle Herald CEO, Mark Lever at or the newsroom VP, BrianWard at

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