Saturday, January 9, 2016

Stop the Presses. Town of Lunenburg and The Hat Junkie Agree.

This morning I looked at the agenda for the Live/Work Task Force and I came across a very pretty presentation that our mayor, building official and development officer made for the Building Advisory Committee.  It seems they were not actually able to present it, but it's there on the website for all to view. click here for the link.  Choose LWTF Nov. 23rd.  (It might also be read as Live WTF)

These reports do cost us tax payers money, so I hope their  plea for provincial help will not go unheeded. 
When I first read this:
 I thought, Oh my goodness, why is this so difficult for The Town of Lunenburg to understand?  The function of land use and how it informs the building code has been working beautifully all over North America for many years.  So many people have tried to help our mayor and council understand that permitted uses of a home are found in Land Use Bylaws and that land use provisions do ensure the safety of a home occupation, but somehow they cling to the notion that they need to view a home occupation as a commercial occupancy even though none are permitted in residential zones.
I was about to begin my regular post staff report head banging ritual when I came to this part:
I read through it a couple of times before realizing that, Hot Dawg!!! The Hat Junkie and The Town of Lunenburg want the same thing.  Provincial Clarification.  I happen to be coming at the request from a position of understanding and they happen to be coming to it from a position of misunderstanding, but no matter, there is common ground here.

The Town is asking for an amendment to the Nova Scotia Building Code Act.  In my presentation, I requested the same solution with one small difference.  If the province goes for the technical amendment then it will take years and has as much chance of failure as it has at success, but if the province accepts the recommendation to add explanatory material to the appendix of the code, well then, the same thing will have been accomplished, but for way less money and the results will be instant.

So, pleeeeaaase, Minister Churchill, the mayor of Lunenburg may be too proud to get down on bended knee and beg, but I'm not.  Nova Scotia really needs home based businesses and home based businesses really need the support of the Nova Scotia government.    Just one little clarification.  I'll never ask you for anything again in my life.  (I learned that last line from my 11 year old)

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