Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Red Tape Madness Radio

Yesterday I did another interview on The Sheldon Macleod Show.  The station is news 95.7 Halifax.  If you have any interest in local politics and business this is really a great show.  There are back to back interviews with local politicians, activists, bloggers and businesses.   It runs Monday to Friday from 2-6.
This is Red Tape Awareness Week and while I do think that our government has taken some positive steps to remove red tape for business, the red tape affecting home based businesses is alive and well and living in Nova Scotia.  It's the most solveable problem and the fact that it has not yet been fixed is an embarrassement and speaks to something that has nothing to do with caring about everyday hard working people.  This could be solved today.

So, I admit, I went a bit loopy in this interview, but I'm chalking it up to Red Tape Madness.  The link to this show will only be up for a few days.  It's the January 18th 2p.m show.  Head to the 39 minute mark.  People get very confused about this issue and I think I spelled it out pretty clearly.  Click HERE to listen.

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