Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ray Ivany - He's Even a Really Nice Guy

 Sometimes the forces against positive change feel overwhelming.  But, inevitably, whenever I feel like I have reached the end of my rope,  some small gesture of kindness comes through for me and gives me the strength to persevere with this silly battle.  Silly because  Lunenburg council can at any point just say, I get it now and it would all be over.  They are the only ones standing in their way.  But, I digress.  That is not what this post is about.  

Yesterday, I was feeling particularly down trodden and I thought, I wonder if Ray Ivany has some advice for me about my presentation to the Department of Business this coming Tuesday?  So, I sent him my eight page presentation with a note to express that I didn't actually expect a reply, but that you can't blame a girl for trying.

Today the phone rang and it was a lady named Kathleen, who is Mr. Ivany's assistant.  She told me that Mr. Ivany had asked that she call me and that he apologized for not calling himself.  He is convalescing from a heart attack.  (I had no idea or I would not have made a pest of myself.)  He is apparently doing very well.
He wanted to let me know that he read the presentation and thought it was very good.  I'm still smiling.
His one bit of advice was to quote liberally from the One NS report.  I do believe that is all the advice I need. Kathleen and I talked for around half an hour.  She said, maybe you won't see the fruit of your efforts, but you are planting seeds and they will take root.  She thought there was a reasonable chance that my grand children would see the fruit of my efforts.  I'm, of course, hopeful that change can happen in this life time, but I understand what she was telling me.  It allowed me to breathe again.  Just keep on keepin' on.   One foot in front of the other and eventually change will happen.

About a week ago I listened to two journalists talking on the Sheldon Mcleod show.  The Ivany Report came up and one of them joked that every time anyone says Ivany report you need to down a shot of your favourite schnapps.  (Ironworks Rum, please)  I laughed because it was funny, but I also cringed a little.  I don't want talk of this report to become cliche.  It's a really good report and what a loss to Nova Scotia it would be if it went by the way side with the last ten reports. It has to be behind every decision we make in this province.  Does this decision serve the future of Nova Scotia or not?  If yes, proceed, if no, find another way.  On a personal level, the repeated insistence that all Nova Scotians need to work together to find solutions is a huge motivating force.  Whether we are milliners, presidents of universities, Ministers of the legislative assembly, deputy ministers, department staff, mayors or councillors, we each have it in us to affect change and to do the right thing.

So, Mr. Ivany, rest up, get better, we need your strong voice and thank you for not being too busy to be kind.

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