Saturday, January 9, 2016

Progressive Conservative Cookie Dough

I am making some chocolate chip cookies this morning because Jamie Baillie, the leader of the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative party  has asked to come visit to learn about my provincial presentation.  While, I confess, this hat lady leans towards orange, I can't help but be impressed by Jamie's sincerity and caring.  I chose chocolate chip cookies for Jamie because they seem, well...conservative.  If Stephen McNeil would like to visit to learn more about my presentation then I would put in a more liberal helping of chocolate chips.  If Maureen McDonald (NDP) would like to come visit, I'd be sure to divide the dough into equal sized cookies.   Green party- I'll thrown in some alfalfa sprouts.

I'm completely grateful for all the provincial support that has been shown for the issue of removing red tape for Home Based Businesses, However, it's Municipal leaders that really need to understand this very simple information to ensure that your towns and municipalities can grow.  So, just saying, if any municipal leader wants to come learn about the connection between land use and the building code I'll make you whatever kind of cookies you like best.

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