Saturday, January 9, 2016

Nova Scotia, Status Quo, My Love For Colour and Too Much Time to Think.

When Naheed Nenshi was asked if he would run for Federal Government he said, No party would have him.  He pointed to his purple tie and said, See, blue and red make purple.  Then he licked the leftover Donair off his tie.

I work by myself in a little pink room all day.  I love it, but I am alone with my thoughts a lot.  My thoughts sound like this:

I wonder what sort of flower I should make for this hat?  I sure hope the Liberal Government makes a strong statement regarding the relationship between Land Use and The Building Code.  Where are my glasses?  I can't see a damn thing anymore.   Please tell me that the government truly understands how easy it is to remove obstacles for Home Based Businesses.  It doesn't even cost a dime.  Where are my glasses?  Better pack for the farmer's market.  Wow, 20 months have gone by since the Ivany Report was released and I have watched many friends leave this province.  We need to do something.  We need strong leadership!  Now where did my glasses go?!  I think I just heard, The status quo isn't good enough  five times on CBC in the last hour.  Man, That Jamie Baillie makes a lot of sense.  He would be a great leader.  Did I just say that?  I am so not conservative, but he is saying what needs to be said-  If we are going to actually carry out the recommendations of the Ivany Report then the government needs to be accountable for turning the recommendations into legislation.  That's a strong statement.  That makes sense.  Oh, I better e-mail that customer to let her know I am shipping her hat. But, I'm also so impressed with Minister Furey.  He actually listens to everyday citizens.  He also seems to get it.  How do I get the point across that my little problem is about so much more than just me.  It's about everything in the Ivany Report.    I'm hungry.  I wonder if a strong leader in Nova Scotia would be willing to put partisanship aside for the sake of this Province and form a cabinet of the best and brightest people in Nova Scotia?  What if Megan Leslie, Jamie Baillie and Mark Furey could all work together instead of against each other,  I know Megan Leslie is not in the provincial government, but we really need her.  Somebody scoop her up!  School bus is here.  Better make a snack for the boy.

I really do love this province.  I want to see it thrive.  Could it be that "The Status Quo is not good enough" means leaders would be willing to cross over party lines to find the best and brightest people that can truly make strong decisions....for the sake of this province's survival?   I really love mixing colours.  Blue, red, orange, green.  Where are my glasses?

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