Saturday, January 9, 2016

Love Lunenburg?

This past weekend a pretty ugly scene went down on Facebook.  Not that uncommon of a phenomena, I know.  I had been sharing the links to these blog posts on The Lunenburg Community Bulletin Board, against my better judgement, but feeling that the problems facing Lunenburg and Nova Scotia were something we all should know about.  Within a short while someone with an opposing view chimed in with a rant and the war got going.  The comments were horrible.  The community became divided and all this mud slinging could be viewed publicly.  I took down all my posts because I saw I had made an error.  When personal attacks start to happen, no good can come of it.  But the other rants stayed up on the page.

Then something very distressing  happened.  Someone chimed in with, You either Love Lunenburg or you don't!  And then the comments followed.  I have been here for 10 generations and I love Lunenburg!  I am a CFA (come from away) and I love Lunenburg!  It reminded me of a phenomena I witnessed in my 20 years living in the states.  As soon as someone wants change or questions authority half the country puts up flags and sports T-shirts saying, Proud to be an American!    It is a method of silencing those trying to work for progress with accusations of being anti-American  or in this case, Anti-Lunenburg.

There are many that have fallen in love with  Lunenburg for a year or three and then moved on.  They had a fling.  I came here seven years ago, fell madly in love with the place and the people and decided to get married.  As anyone who is married knows, It is hard work.  Throw a kid or a business into the relationship and things can get really colourful.  Marriage requires communication and a willingness to find solutions.  Silencing your partner with accusations of, You don't love me!, really isn't a way to grow.

Love Luneburg. But if you want it to last then it's time for openness, communication and  taking the time to do the hard work to find solutions.

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