Saturday, January 9, 2016

Home Based Business Supports Parents

On December 1st. I will be presenting to the Provincial Department of Business.  They have expressed interest in hearing the presentation that I made to The Building Advisory Committee.  I was told they feel that it is valuable to hear of the obstacles that small businesses have faced in Nova Scotia in order to understand how to remove these obstacle.  I can't say enough positive things about Minister Furey's willingness to listen to a mom who is running a business from her home.

For the most part I will be making the same presentation that I made on September 16th, but I have been doing a little more research into understanding just how important it is for the province to support entrepreneurs working from home.

The following is from a 1995 Statistics Canada Survey.  (I'm going to see if there is a more recent survey, but this is what I have right now)  "....of those aged 25 to 44, home was the place of work for 58% of women and 49% of men.  Women in this age group are more likely to be raising children and hence may prefer to work from home.
Family status can make it possible - or necessary_ to work at home.  Self-employed single parents were most likely to operate a business at home in November 1995, fathers more so than mothers (69% versus 52%)  Some 54% of business owners with a working spouse (dual-earner families) were home-based, although the latter rose to 77% when a preschool-aged child was present...."

These statistics are no surprise to me, but it's good to see some supporting numbers.  When I was visited by our building inspector he told me that I would need to keep the door between my studio and the rest of the house closed.  I understand how he came to this conclusion.  This comes from not understanding that Lunenburg's land use regulations ensure that my business is not a separate occupancy, but is part of the main residential use.  But, I remember thinking, 'That's just nuts.'  In asking me to close a door for fire safety, I would be unable to ensure that my son does not burn the house down.  I work from home, so that I can be home for my son.

Usually, I photograph my studio from the perspective of the dining room looking into the studio, but so often I am in my studio looking into the rest of the home to make sure that my boy is safe and sound.  Ensuring that parents can run businesses from home is just one of many reasons that the province needs to  clarify the relationship between Land Use and The Building Code.  And yes, in case you were wondering, that is my son's slipper on the dog bed.  I'll deal with that later.

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