Saturday, January 9, 2016

Everyone Wins.

Just had a lovely young woman in my studio from NYC. She rented a car in NY and just decided to drive. She got to Maine and decided to keep on going. She finds herself in beautiful Lunenburg, walks into Jenny Jib, chats a little. Jenny tells her about The hat maker who lives and works close by. (Thanks, Jenny) She walks into my studio with wide eyes. She looks around and says, So this is your workshop? Yes. And you get to live here? Yes. Wow, you can live anywhere! That's right. I can see the wheels turning in her head. I tell her about the LaHave Bakery, Blue rocks and The Aspotogan Peninsula. She walks out with a headband, a good feeling about this little town called Lunenburg and this province called Nova Scotia. And she thinks about possibilities. This is why the province needs to ensure that people can work from home and are not encumbered by burdensome regulation. My business is a symbol of a very attainable goal for many people dreaming of moving to Nova Scotia. It enriched this woman's experience of her trip and several businesses used the spirit of generosity to support each other. Everyone wins.

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