Saturday, January 9, 2016

Communication is mostly about listening.

Yesterday Jamie Baillie, The leader of the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party came to visit me and learn about my presentation.  This was his second visit.  We had a great chat and a lot of laughs.  He had read my previous blog post, where I mentioned my tendency to lean left.  We were able to joke about this.  He assured me that he felt certain that I was searching for my inner Conservative.  We talked about how the media loves a good problem, but rarely reports on a good solution.  He talked about the many times the different parties agree on a bill and it passes quickly, but you never see the headline, TODAY EVERYONE AGREED IN THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY.

It's so easy to try to fit people in neat little political boxes.  But it really doesn't work this way.  I think, ultimately,  we all have more similarities than differences.  What impresses me most about Jamie is that when you talk to him you feel that he is really listening.   It's such a rare quality.   It's a precious quality.  He didn't come to preach or ask for my vote.  He came to listen and ask how he could help.

I think listening is what is most needed from our leadership, local and provincial.

The challenge is not getting the message out.  The challenge is getting the message in. 

I would love to see more leaders in Nova Scotia take the time to meet with people and businesses and learn not just about the challenges they face, but also about the solutions they have discovered.  

Thanks, Jamie, for showing the possibilities of great leadership.

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