Saturday, January 9, 2016

Change and Compassion

This following letter is a comment that appeared on my blog this morning.  I really love the message.  My posting of last night's comment was actually meant to be a prelude to another beautiful letter that I will be sharing, but David's perspective is so valuable that I decided to give it its own post.  We do, as newcomers to this province, need to have compassion for those that are resisting change.  I know you would not know it from my preamble to yesterday's post, but I actually do have some compassion for this point of view.  It is so difficult to watch one's community transition from a place where the same people have lived for 300 years to a place where you no longer know your neighbours.  I love that to those that have been here forever, houses do not have addresses they have names.  I live in Robert Sampson's house. 

I think if we can learn to talk to each other that we will find that we have a lot of common ground and perhaps those that have been here for generations will see that we come in peace and those that have newly arrived should take the time to hear the stories of days gone by.  Let's all get to know our neighbours.  Please keep sharing your thoughts with me.

David's Letter:
Good morning Anna.  

Thanks as always for your fair and balanced approach to this dilemma. As we all know, there are at least 2 sides to every situation.  It's  more of a roll of the die rather the flip of a coin.

But through it all, the opportunity for people to voice their thoughts (however misguided they may be) is an important part of the democratic process.  As you'll recall,  I mentioned that 'change' on any level is one of the most difficult psychological challenges some people  can face. This fact bears out in the unfortunate ramblings of this poor soul who's fear of progress is paralyzing. The person does have an amazing grasp on the obvious, I think we'd agree in that  "People...this town was here long before you and will be here long after you are gone" .. Who can argue logic like that ?. The important thing in that concept is what kind of town do we want to leave when we're gone?

I believe our mandate needs to embrace the actions where we leave the world a better place, than it was when we were here. That, in part is what you and those who support this cause are doing.

People who resist change are the reason we're all here today. Without them, there could be wild and unstructured growth to the detriment of us all. The resisters are the people throughout history who make us stop, and examine what we are doing. They  hold us accountable and make us prove our points and indeed, the need for change at all.

But in the end lets try to avoid our natural human instinct,  where we see these folks as the enemy,  and take the time needed to consider their state of mind,  and the contibution they make to the democratic process. 

Dam the torpedoes .......Stay the course and revel in the support you receive. And, perhaps, throw in a bit of compassion for the resisters. Just for good measure.

David Penney.

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