Saturday, January 9, 2016

An Enormous Tiny Gesture - Municipal Awareness Week

Most of you out there probably are not aware that this is Municipal awareness week.  Two years ago, I would have given that as much thought as I give to the weeds in my garden.  But, I have become keenly interested in municipal government and in the concept of good governance, it's importance to our everyday lives and to the future prosperity of our communities.

Thursday is market day.  Also known as gossip day for me.  I stand by my hats with the premise of earning a living, but really it's my day to chat with my neighbours.
A woman that I know casually came by my booth and handed me a gift bag containing Homemade Jam and a card.  Here's what the card says:   Anna, a small thank you for the good work you are doing around Municipal and Provincial by-laws and policies.  I've been following along and have been applauding you all the way.  I'm sure it's been a difficult road - but one that is vital for the well being of our province. 
It seemed fitting during "Municipal Awareness" week to thank you for making us all aware.  Engagement at its best. xo, Jennifer N.

I had a very hard time holding it together.  So many people come up to me and thank me and it always means a lot.  But these little, yet enormous gestures are what gives me the strength to go on.
No, there is nothing super human about me.  Breaking down has become a regular part of my life.
I am in no way asking for pity.  While in some ways this has been one of the most difficult times of my life, in other ways it has been the best.  I have learned, I have grown, I have met the helpers and I have seen the power of an engaged community.  Yes, it's been bloody hard, but I would never turn back the clock.

Thank you Jennifer, for that one small gesture.  I hope you know how big it was.

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