Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Letter From The Other Side

In the name of fair and balanced journalism  (I use that term lightly)  I have decided to post a "letter" from the other side.  This was actually a comment on facebook when I posted a link to my blog on The Lunenburg Community Bulletin Board.  She deleted the comment quite quickly, but good ol' facebook had sent me the e-mail notification.  I have left the lady's name off of the comment, but kept her spelling intact.

"People...this town was here long before you and will be here long after you are speak of other towns that will accommidate your " home business"...well why don't you set up shop in one of these little I said before rules are rules , they are not made for some and not for others....don't try to change this little town, and also might I add ....this is a Community Bulletin Board, not a place to try and solve your problems"

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